Downton Betrayal!

It has been a few unsettling days that have now passed and my emotions are now just able to clamber their way out of a gloomy and mournful hole. My familiar words have been paralyzed and bound by betrayal.  Why Matthew? Oh I sensed and could smell devastation with the mounting suspense of the season finale, but not another death! I somehow managed to sluggishly move past the unexpected grief of Sybil’s departure and am now clinging to the future of the writer’s redemptive words to override their unpardonable betrayal.

While I am not anxious for the company of Season 4, I thought it was beyond vital for a Downton Abbey giveaway. Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 on DVD it is! An attempt to treasure and hold on to the heart wooing and intriguing beginnings and dream of what could have been for Downton.

Simply comment and leave your name on this post.  Please be sure you are a lovely US resident and a winner will be selected and contacted Friday, March 8th!




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Expired Thoughts…..

Expired Thoughts

A unity and celebration so global, as distant alliances clutch onto a new hour, a new year and heart cries for new beginnings.  We all took part, purposed or not and regardless of our level of eagerness to engage.  The midnight hour fell and 2013 was birthed. Simultaneously, an igniting and stirring of my abandoned thoughts ran to the forefront as if they also were clinging for the new year to finally strike.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….Happy New Year 2013! I kind of like the ring to it.

Not only is my mind a wanderer, but a ponderer. Gypsy and nomadic tendencies that only my thoughts seem to get away with.  These are the expired thoughts. Those inadvertently overlooked, left behind, unnurtured and suppressed.  However random they may or may not be, whether a sparkling and jovial occasion, heart yanking and shaking of an event or an occurrence that simply never quite bloomed into the occurring phase…..I began to take inventory.  A mental inventory. An inventory of the overlooked thoughts and decided to examine their expiration date.  Have they been roving for years and considering permanent residency? Just like a pantry of abundance…. For days I have tossed and tossed.

I hope to have said my final goodbyes to my compilation of expired thoughts and have, with guarded measure, embraced a few new…..Slowly my mind is feeling uncluttered and less cloudy and I can begin to embrace each new day, in our new year with openness and new aspiration!

Happy 2013!



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Restoration and Giving

Irene and Sandy the disastrous duo! They forcibly struck the east coast and along the shore lines with their destruction and signature onslaught of pillage only a little more than a year apart. The most recent loss, a mere week old continues to leave me with a burdensome lump in my throat.

I have to believe, they were either roommates, classmates, cellmates, or just conniving soulmates, whatever their shaky relationship and its explosiveness has only birthed despair for millions. Sandy may have withdrawn taking her forceful winds and rains of ruin with her, yet she left behind her piercing pen where its ink is still fresh as her story is still being written for millions of lives and desperate hearts.

I searched over and over, replaying in my mind the humdrum words of “hoping for the best” and “praying for all to be safe” and yet found no peace. I decided to place actions with my life-less sentences of hope and chose to give. Whether placing a tote full of canned goods, batteries and gallons of water inside of a cardboard box scribbled “For Sandy’s victims”, boxing up unworn winter coats, hats and mittens to be shipped to my neighboring states where cold temperatures have now settled in, giving blood for the very first time, sending a generator along with gasoline down to New Jersey where 5 families are seeking shelter under one small roof or texting “REDCROSS to 90999 a hand-full of times because it was the most glaring and only seconds away from my capable finger tips….

Today’s thoughts are those of hope, restoration and giving! One follower will receive a $100 gift card to Restoration Hardware and a $100 donation in their name to the American Red Cross to aide those affected by Sandy. Simply leave a comment on this post or on JJasmin Interiors Facebook page and a name will be chosen by November 15, 2012.

Thank you for searching your own heart on how you can sow towards restoration!





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Buckwheat Fields…

Reservations were made several cold winter and spring months in advance, my past captivating thoughts were shaken and my tastebuds trembled at the mere thought!

It was our second visit to Outstanding in the Field held at the same location as our first, Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, Vermont. I was no longer a stranger to the farm, it was as if the buckwheat fields somehow recognized me. I quickly found my place at the informal, white draped table and settled in for the evening. Familiar faces were scattered where mirthful whispers and reminicing of last year’s downpour at the end of the gathering were abound.

The sun-filled evening began where any glimpse of social discomfort was quickly dismissed with cordial nods and greetings from across the picturesque table. This table, so perfectly purposed with its placement amongst the freshly cut buckwheat. The fields had brought us together for an evening of farm-to-table dining prepared by Chef Eric Warnstedt from Hen of the Wood in Waterbury, Vermont. Local farmers dined that laboriously gave towards the evening’s menu all across my own beloved state of Vermont.

The evening’s menu began with sweet corn fritters dipped in local sweet honey and moved on to radicchio salad with chioggia beets, hazelnuts, apples and Jasper Hill farm blue cheese. The salad was perfectly paired with a new favorite wine of mine Black Sparrow from Lincoln Peak Vineyard in New Haven, Vermont.

Without a fork’s pause, we moved on to heirloom tomatoes with fresh feta, radishes, cucumbers and a lovely sunflower vinaigrette.

Samplings of golden raw honey were passed about straight from the honeycomb. Gorgeousness!

The dancing sun gently excused itself for the night and placed its mantle of responsibility of light on to the mason jars filled with small tea lights.  The glow was minimal, yet somehow perfect. And the wine, along with its influence discouraged any need for more.

The main entree was porchetta, new potatoes with roasted garlic and grilled carmen peppers. The provider of this tender porchetta was able to attend the night’s gathering.

We ended the evening with new stories and laughter that will tag along with me to the next field gathering and a honey glazed cream cheese poundcake with walnut praline and Vermont honey ice cream that should have been illegal. Amazing!

With a self-induced indulgencing discomfort, I did however, find a most curious spot and sipped a glass of Eden Ice Cider made in West Charleston, Vermont. As sweetly and appealing as its towering sparkly labeled bottle, so is its content. A fine aged cider!

Eden Ice Cider, West Charleston, VT

Be sure and visit Outstanding in the Field’s website and all the fine treasures crafted right here in Vermont. I was able to track down the wine, cider and cheeses at local specialty stores in Norwich, Vermont and Woodstock, Vermont!

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Today, the entangling and reverie cloud of summer that spiritedly benumbed my reality for more than two hands-full of counted weeks, I subtly dismissed. My hands were surely bound in the matter and so I have set my nomadic mind on the flurry and hurry of new school days, the packs toted on their backs and the tireless yet smile enhancing calendar of events! Oh and I guess the colorful stack of post-it note adorned files of clients are first on my catch-up agenda.

Although summer is not calendarifically over, a few of my past moments to remind me of all that I already miss of that which I just dismissed…..

Life is like a bowl full of stemmed cherries!

7 Point Score

Harborside dining....

Salt water taffyness

Meet Jonathan

Sandcastle enablers!

Just a stone's throw away....the ocean!

Kennebunkport, Maine

Adopted into our family!

Reflecting time on Reflection Lake

Calming waters.

Sweetness...Lancaster Fair

First picked pumpkin from our patch!





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