Close Your Eyes and Make A Wish….

They wish away their non-birthday months, count down the lingering days and even longer nights and leave their happy doodles on post-it notes reminding the household their birthday is upon us.  Many gatherings were planned this winter and an especially sweet gathering we held was for my daughter’s 14th birthday! Yay….

We set out by planning ahead of time for such event allowing our inventive minds to collaborate from colors, menu and all things warm and fuzzy in preparing for the family gathering.  This year it was “owls”.  Owls seem to be flying over the world these days and my daughter has a collection of them that are super sweet, whimsical and a little vintage.

I thought I would share and post some of the special details we combined for her occasion!

I love the burnt orangey reds, teals and turquoises mixed with greens and browns.  Once we found the invitation we flew with it!

I always have to prepare some form of a savory bite that compliments the theme.  I thought this owl turned out delectably sweet.  It is a garlic and chive feta spread that I then sculpted into my cute chubby little owl, toasted sliced almonds and adorned the sweet owl with his feathers and wise eyes! It was hoot….

For more than 10 years, one of my affections of all affections is Sweetie Pies. These cookies are a lovely shortbread cookie, hand decorated and made lovingly with only the freshest of ingredients in Vermont. I request my colors, come up with the cookie design and they appear on my doorstep! Be sure to visit

Special party favor treats take thoughtful measures.  I found these adorable hand stamped owl bags on etsy and filled them with little treasures also found on etsy.  Owl coin purses and even owl crayons which arrived packaged in pairs of two! - Jennifers Cookies - KT Design Studio

Owl Crayons, - ScribbleMeMine

Growing up in a large family, our birthdays and gatherings were very minimal. They were given with an abundance of love and home cooked goodness.  There were times where gifts were few but gracefully went unnoticed. Our home was warm and embracing and our family was the sole focus, not the monetary distractions that seem to unnecessarily tag along with life.  With that being said, I am blessed to be able to create special moments, but know memories for my children are firmly grounded with the same foundation as my youth; love, respect and gratefulness.  Always remember to reflect on your formative years and those family traditions that are an essential part of you!

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3 Responses to Close Your Eyes and Make A Wish….

  1. Theresa says:

    I love the owl themed treats! Lesley Hall’s Sweetie Pies looks so tasty, I’ll have to try it out one day!

  2. Sarah says:

    Owls are everywhere this year! My grandmother- in-law collects them so it was hard not to go nuts at Christmas! And we love those cookies too.

    • Julie says:

      Oh I know they are EVERYWHERE! We decided to make some adorable owl Valentine’s as well. The owl’s feet are resting on a cute pencil as a branch! Thanks for reading and following!

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