Have Luggage, Will Travel

Wishing this was you right now?

Who hasn’t been distracted while scurrying about a store by a pristine, new piece of luggage and quietly garbled to yourself,  ”When would I ever use this?”.  You then nippily walk away!

If your barren wallet is saying no, but your head is saying yes to wanting to slip away, escape and seek adventure, let’s compromise. How about a trip around the world exploring hidden treasures of isolated scenic beauty that have distanced themselves from your eyes until now. Places just like this…..

Croatia - The Plitvice Lakes

This is Croatia! The Plivtice Lakes are 16 interconnected lakes that form this waterfall paradise. Those who visit the falls can either embrace their experience by train or by boat. Please sign me up for the boat excursion!

Ok…. now is the perfect time to grab yourself a handful of nibbles and some carbonated wonder and let’s take a virtual voyage to a few destinations that are maybe off of the map, off of your radar or off of your rocker. Shall we?

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most isolated, expansive and fully developed nations in the world.  It shares no border, sits very distant from other nations and is ranked #1 for global peace. Exudes peace to me!


Papua New Guniea

Hoping one of these hershey kiss reminiscent huts has my reservation!


Tuvalu - Located in middle of Micronesia


Cuillin Mountains, Scotland




I have always wanted to make my way to Scotland to trace back some of my family heritage.  My grandmother was scottish, visited there often and I have forever longed to escape and visit the impressive castles, fortresses and towers. Oh, and maybe see some men in plaid skirts too….well kilts.



Tulips are the most recognized symbol of the Netherlands and I love, love, love them.

Northern Australia - Bamboo Forests

Northern Australia, Bamboo Forests

I was surprised to find this amazing photo of Australia. Bamboo forests are found in the northern part of Australia, which I never knew. Breathtaking…..

Champ Elysee, Paris - www.travelsitescatalog.com

Champs Elysees, Paris - www.travelsitescatalog.com

The most famous avenue in the world.  I am secretly making my travel plans for my whole family to travel there for my 40th!  I have a couple of years but thought I would begin dreaming now. Magnifique!


Another wonder of the world that has a spot for me! The architecture, the colors mirroring a sunset, the cuisine….. It is all for me….

The world and all of its known and unknown treasures…… It is crazy fun to take brief escapes and moments where we can dream. Let us not forget our own state we call our home and all it has and extends towards us.

Even if your past time or escape is in your own backyard or neighboring states, be sure and choose the road less traveled by. Drive slow, absorb your surroundings and throw together a snack or two or three. Traveling doesn’t have to be far to be revitalizing!


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4 Responses to Have Luggage, Will Travel

  1. Sarah says:

    Those places look amazing, but I also agree with looking around your own home. Sometimes playing tourist in your own backyard can reveal places and experiences you didn’t know were there.

    Then again Tuvalu looks pretty inviting! :)

  2. Anna says:

    My bags are packed… when are we going? :)

  3. Lynn says:

    Well, I just escaped for a few minutes reading your post! Thank you! Have you joined Pinterest yet?! You can escape HOURS there!

    • Julie says:

      Oohhh good! I am glad you got away….Yes, love, love, love Pinterest. It surely is addicting. I have a “follow me” button on my site. I will begin following you! Thanks again.

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