Iron Maiden

An Iron Maiden

Traditional Home

Now that we have somewhat of a history together and are treasured sweet friends, by now you are almost certainly, flat out questioning if perchance I was a regular on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. With posts that somehow have a lyric or two or three of any given musical band I do see where the thought could visit your mind. It is fallaciousness! Although, rumor has it I did scribble in my diary how I pondered becoming a Solid Gold dancer …..the scrunched legwarmers, color coordinated sweatbands and shiny gold leotards. Oh me oh my!

This heavy metal band straight from London during the 70′s I had sheepishly forgotten about until just today. I promise! And, no I do not dress or own any weathered vintage t-shirts of theirs, but I do believe my husband may have a song or two of this legendary rock band on his iPod.

Even though I am not a dictionary defined “maiden” for the obvious reason that I am a hitched girl, I can happily say I am a maiden with a heavy crush on iron….distinctively wrought iron. Why another crush and how many crushes can one girl have you ask? With a delayed and squirmish response, not a trace of eye contact to be had and a slight shrug of the shoulders…..”a boat load” I assert.

Now onto the crush…

Home Inspirations

Restoration Hardware

Skona Hem

Traditional Home

Traditional Home


Pieces I pine for…..

Clayton Gray

Clayton GrayClayton Gray

Clayton Gray

So dog cute!


Crate and Barrel

It is the earthiness, heavy and anchoring traits that I simply adore about iron. If but only one stand alone piece, it makes its presence known wherever it finds its home. It looks weathered even when it may be outright new and the older, blacksmith tough-aged appeal steals my heart even more!

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