Lost in Thought…

Could it be:

1. The abnormal summery weather all about and the sun continuously shining for scads of days?

2. Watching little ones skipping and their merry play at the quaint park just steps from my front door?

3. The home-churned sweet chocolatey ice cream dripping down my newly toothless son’s smile?

4. Pumping air into lifeless bicycle tires that were once stored for the wintertime cold?

5. Cheerfully bidding farewell to closets bursting with coats, boots, mittens and hats?

6. Gently swatting a pestering mosquito that found its temporary home on my leg?

7. Making homemade bubbles as my son and silly chickens chase them til they pop?

8. Sharing the abundance of eggs our happy chickens have been gifting?

9. Removing the wintery and trotted floor-mats from my car?

10. Baking my springtime favorites and spending precious time with my girls in the kitchen?

This is what has me lost in precious thought! My love for traditions and our ways of new and old. The ways we wake up and the many ways we end our tireless days. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Along with the quiet and still moments of my non-productive distraction comes inspiration to create and be constructive. Replanning my gardens, spring tidying and finding order, fresh and new healthy dishes using local farms with all they contribute to my family and managing my daily juggle and struggle of time. To accomplish the must-do’s, can-you-do’s and someday-do’s.

A few daydreaming and lost in thought distractions for you to enjoy that may churn your thoughts to become lost in an inspiring way!




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2 Responses to Lost in Thought…

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh – the breeze is coming in from the open windows – the sun is pouring in from sky lights and windows in abundance – alas – my daydreaming must come to and end as I need to work. But it is better to work in fresh air and sunshine! :)

  2. Lisa Miller says:

    Life is not about the number of Breaths you take….
    It’s about the Moments that take your Breath Away.

    It is in the quiet and still moments that I see the things
    that take my Breath Away. In these moments I too become
    inspired to be creative and to create.

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