Project…..French Macaron


My youngest pastry chef in training is about to turn 12! It is Happy Happy Birthday time “Joyeux Anniversaire” and my colorful mind marbles are turning as I find my inspiration for the celebration!

Darjeeling Dreams

As with designing, finding a piece or color to inspire brings unclouded direction. Birthdays and gatherings begin with the invitation and the colors and inspiration unfold from here. ┬áThis french macaron invitation and thank you notecard from River and Bridge Design it is! ( The party planning has begun….a Parisian Birthday!

This invitation is just the sweetest of sweets and I decided the pistachio green and framboise pink tones it shall be!

That Silver Touch

Leila's General Store


Cafe 906

Leila's General Store

Audrey Magazine

Marzian-Pistachio spring rolls

Sur La Table

It is the seeking and finding that I love! We will bake and experiment enjoying the pre-party mishaps, dive into the french macaron recipe that takes days to ready while reflecting on the past 12 abundantly blessed years the birthday girl has gifted to us. We are weeks away and photos are promised once I gather my finds!




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