She’s A Brick……House

Who hobbles out of bed while simultaneously radio blasting in my noggin the lines to this funked out song of the late 70′s by the Commodores? ┬áThat would be me….. Who feels I owe something to this awkward, early to rise episode of just plain crazy? That would be me too….

Maybe it is because I fell into bed with thoughts of my love for brick and the new job I am currently working on exposing brick within a tired space? Who has time to psychoanalyze oneself? Not me….

It is earthy, raw, timeless and peaks my curiosity of its history. Speak to me brick….

Decor Pad



Skona Hem

Inside, outside, upside or downside….brick can be placed just about anywhere! It doesn’t have to be dreary when showcased with brilliant tones and pieces. ┬áDo not neglect the brick. Go ahead and don’t shy away from funking it out either!

Remember….do not ignore those fleeting thoughts and crazed out moments. Embrace and reflect……


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2 Responses to She’s A Brick……House

  1. Debbie Lamphere says:

    i have fake brick look in my dining room..i like it just not sure if i should paint it? any thoughts?

    • Julie says:

      Depending on the size of the room and space, brick can also tend to make that space feel smaller. Is the brick on one wall? I say paint it and “funk” it out. A white washing treatment would look nice too. Feel free to send me a photo of the space. Would love to see it and help decide the next step.

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